Havas Taps FuturesMedia for Programmatic TV Access

By December 16, 2014 No Comments

Programmatic TV has dominated headlines in recent weeks, and though some contend it’s still more talk than action, it took another step toward reality today with Havas Media announcing a partnership with FuturesMedia, a real-time TV ad buying platform.

Through FuturesMedia, suppliers will be able to make linear TV inventory available to Havas clients via private marketplaces, explained Josh Winograd, founder and CEO of FuturesMedia. Buyers can scan the available inventory and then work directly with the sellers to negotiate terms.

“We can layer on proprietary data to better inform our bids and use data with cost to determine our price that we are willing to pay,” added Jason Kanefsky, EVP and director of strategic investments at Havas Media. “We will also leverage the fact that FuturesMedia keeps a historical record of each negotiation we enter into, complete with pricing and negotiations conducted between ourselves and our supply partners on the platform.”

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