Introducing T3 Technology

Leverage the full potential of advanced TV to boost awareness and influence your target prospects. Television Trader Terminal for live marketplace management.

The Futures Media Television Trader Terminal (T3 Technology) is the first technology built specifically to manage the live marketplace of linear television. 

  • TV Projections
  • TV Bidder
  • TV Pacer

Futures Media TV Projections

The Futures Media TV Projections tool continually ingests and analyzes multiple data sources to gain a deeper understanding of viewership trends.

With this data-based foundation, we apply machine learning and create predictive models to:

  • Simplify the buying and selling process
  • Empower more precise media planning and buying decisions
  • Accurately forecast future TV buys

Futures Media TV Bidder

The Futures Media TV Bidder continually interacts with supply to help you:

  • Deliver a plan based on premium inventory in TV real time
  • Guarantee current market rates
  • Validate that your campaign goals and your strategic audience parameters are being met

Futures Media TV Pacer

The Futures Media TV Pacer consistently analyzes viewership data to help you:

  • Understand true active viewership
  • Manage and optimize campaigns in TV real time
  • Build the most efficient plan possible